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Our current Catalogue 71 (April 2021) contains twenty-seven items, mostly new acquisitions. The illustrated pdf file is downloadable by clicking on the following link:

​​​Our stock is not large but it is constantly changing. At any one time we have works by most of the major (and some of the more interesting minor) European philosophers from the start of the early modern period to the middle of the twentieth century. We have a particular interest in Kant and his contemporaries, and in certain philosophers whose names just happen to begin with the letters 'H' (Hegel, Hobbes, Hume) and 'S' (Spinoza, Schopenhauer, Adam Smith).


In general, we don't list our rarest and most expensive books on the internet, preferring to discuss them directly with individual customers and sometimes to put them in our catalogues. You can search some of our residual stock by clicking on this underlined link to AbeBooks. This will open a new browser window straight to our listings there.

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